Lake Fish Pasta – from Lake Garda Italy

Trout Pasta


I first tasted this pasta in Lake Garda Italy. Named Lake Fish Pasta on most local menus, the fish is caught from the huge mountain-lined lake, and has a similar taste to trout. Fish stock is made from the bones and used as the base for the sauce, and although it seems an unusual ingredient, a pinch of curry powder is added giving this pasta its unique flavour. This influence may come from the German side of Lake Garda, as you will find an abundance of German tourists in the area. Germans love using curry powder in their cooking (most notable the famous national dish Currywurst) and most restaurants as a standard have menus in Italian and German, so their influence in this part of Italy is significant.

Like most regional Italian cooking, the fish used is local to the Lake Garda area only, which means you cannot buy it at home to recreate the recipe how it should be. But after much questioning our waiter advised that the local lake fish used is very similar trout, so back home this can be used as a substitute. If you can fillet a fish, then buy it whole and make your stock fresh for a deeper richer sauce, otherwise good quality pre-made stock will also work fine.

Keep reading below for more information on Lake Garda and some fantastic restaurants to visit if you are ever in the area, including the excellent L’Osteria where I first tasted this dish.



Lake Fish Pasta – from Lake Garda Italy 

Serves 2


140g boneless trout fillet
1 garlic clove
2 anchovy fillets
1 small tomato
Splash of wine
200ml fish stock
Pinch dried chilli flakes
Pinch mild curry powder
1 tbsp finely chopped parsley + stalks
180gm fresh tagliatelle pasta
Salt and pepper
Olive oil



1.  Fry trout fillet until cooked. Remove skin, and shred into small pieces. Set aside.
2.  Boil fresh pasta according to packet instructions, drain and set aside.
3.  Boil enough water to submerge your tomato and blanch for 30 seconds. Remove skin, chop into small pieces and set aside.
4.  Crush garlic clove and mince together with the anchovy fillets and a little olive oil.
5.  Fry garlic-anchovy mixture over medium heat for 1 minute.
6.  If you have parsley stalks on your bunch, chop 1 tbsp finely and add to garlic-anchovy mixture.
7.  Next splash some white wine into the pan and cook down until reduced by half.
8.  Add your chopped tomato, fish stock, chilli, curry powder, salt and pepper, bring to a light boil and then turn to simmer for approx. 4 – 5 minutes. Make sure to crush the tomato into the sauce so no chunks remain. Sauce should slightly thicken.
9.  To finish add the pasta, trout, parsley, salt and pepper. Combine gently until heated through. Pasta should be a little wet with sauce and not dry. Serve by drizzling with additional olive oil and black pepper.



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