Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Chilli Mayo

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

Recipe: Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Chilli Mayo


Hugely popular in America, soft shell crabs are battered then fried, or cooked under a broiler and served in burgers, with coleslaw, jalapeños, mayonnaise, hot sauce, chilli sauce, green sauce, fries – predominantly Southern and Cajun flavours. Also used widely in Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, soft shell crab will appear in sushi, spicy salads or simply deep-fried and served with dipping sauce.

You can find frozen soft shell crabs at your local Asian supermarkets as well as the Japanese mayonnaise and sriracha mentioned in the recipe. Here I have created a heavenly sandwich of crispy-battered crab, fresh lettuce and chill-lemon mayo, served on soft white bread. 


Recipe: Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Chilli Mayo



Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Chilli Mayo

Serves 2


2 Soft shell crab (fresh or purchased frozen in Asian Supermarkets and thawed)
Soy sauce
White pepper
¼ cup mayonnaise (preferably Japanese)
2 tbsp sriracha
Lemon juice
Soft bread slices or bun



1.  If using frozen soft shell crabs they should have already been cleaned before packing. If your using fresh crabs you will need to clean before use.

2.  Place enough flour in a bowl to generously coast both crabs. Add salt and white pepper to the flour for seasoning.

3.  Beat Egg with a splash of soy sauce.

4.  Pat crabs dry, then coat well in the flour, followed by the egg. Now return crabs to the flour for a second coat, making sure they are covered well. This is your batter.

5.  Combine mayonnaise and sriacha, mix well and then add a good squeeze of lemon juice. Taste to see if its too your liking – if you like it hot, add a little more sriacha. Shred lettuce into thin strips.

6.  Heat a small frying pan with approx. 1 inch of vegetable oil. When hot enough add soft shell crabs and fry for approximately 1 minute on each side, or until batter is brown and crispy.


Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Chilli Mayo

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